March 16th Fun Orientereering, Archery/Shooting, Camping

WHAT:  Archery/Shooting and Orienteering:

WHEN:  Saturday, March 16, 2013:  Archery/Shooting  11:30 AM – 3:00 PM, Orienteering 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM (approximate end) and Camping Saturday night.

WHERE:  Crew 5 will be going to Hidden Valley Scout Res. 268 Hidden Valley, Rd. Loysville, PA 17047 to practice archery and shooting.  Following shooting, Crew 5 will be going to Col Denning State Park 1599 Doubling Gap Rd. Newville, PA 17241 for Orienteering.   We will go back to Hidden Valley to Tent camp returning to Carlisle in the Morning by 9:30 a.m.

HOW:  Crew members will be carpooling from the pancake breakfast in the morning to the shooting range, and from there to the orienteering location.

Crew members will be given instruction as needed and then participate in pairs or small groups, using either a compass or GPS (welcome to bring equipment if you have it and wish to use it) to complete one or more of the three orienteering courses at the park.

Orienteering is one of the elements to satisfy the land navigation requirement, which is one of the areas that count towards earning Venturing outdoor bronze awards.

Crew members who wish to test their abilities will have the opportunity to demonstrate their orienteering prowess in a friendly competition for small prizes – time permitting.

The archery range and rifle range are open at Hidden Valley Scout Ranch (HVSR) on March 16th from 1-5 PM. As of now, they are reserved for Crew 5. We have an archery instructor and I am a rifle instructor and Range Safety Officer (RSO). Those are the two position names Susan was trying to remember. To run rifle, I must have two people, one for each position: RSO and instructor. I have asked the shooting sports director to see if he can get me another rifle instructor. If he can, then we can shoot archery and rifle concurrently for a couple hours with part of the crew starting at each range and then swithcin half way through for a total time of 2 or so hours. If we cannot get a second rifle person, then the archery guy is also a rifle instructor so we will do archery for a bit then close it down and move the crew to rifle and do that for a bit. Either way works.

All personnel are NRA certified for the rifle instructor and RSO positions. The archery supervisor is called a “rangemaster” and is certified by BSA.

COSTS:  Maybe $5:00, Fred will let us know soon.

MEALS:  Participants should bring their own lunch, a shared snack, and water.  Those camping overnight will choose, purchase, and bring dinner and breakfast.

SUPPLIES TO BRING:  Sturdy shoes/hiking boots, an extra pair of socks, a water bottle, warm clothing; be prepared for rain, compass and GPS if you have them.  If you are camping overnight bring lots of layered clothing, two sleeping bags, toiletries and anything else you want for the night and morning.  (You may look at camping suppies list under the Wiggio Folders)

TRANSPORTATION:  Participants will be carpooling to the park from the pancake breakfast.  Transportation back to the church will also be via carpool.  Parent’s need to sign-up to help with this as many youth are not staying overnight and other youth will need to return to Grace after the orienteering around 5:30pm.

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