Stream Clean-up


Saturday, September 15th at 8 a.m.-12  we will participate in cleaning up stream clean-up we will meet at the Trussell’s

If you are planning on participating Please e-mail,,

September 15th, Saturday,the Conodoguinet Creek Cleanup. 8:45- 12:00 noon. The Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association, Camp Hill Environmental Club, Mechanicsburg Area Environmental Club, Lemoyne Gang Green, East Pennsboro EAC, and Green C.A.U.S.E. will be hosting their third creek cleanup of 2012.

Please arrive at the “meeting point” by 8:30.   At 8:30,  we will meet/park/depart from  the cul-de-sac close to  Hampden Township’s old Waste Water Treatment Plant?/pumping station at the far end of Lamp Post Lane in Hampden Twp.. (Southeast of Armitage Golf Course). Upon completion, we will unload the boats/load the trash in the trailer at this point.  In the beginning, you will be transported to the “entry point” at the “dog leg”  onBrentwater Road.

To get to our meeting spot from the Carlisle Pike, proceed North down Orr’sBridge Roadsteep hill. Cross the Creek.  Immediately, turn right on toLamp   Post Lane.  Proceed for 1.6 miles. Park in the cul-de-sac. so that Hampden Twp. can get into  their facility.

Please dress according to the weather forecast  for the morning. Wear old sneakers with some tread or good creek shoes. I recommend that you wear longer padded socks that will make it less likely that you feel every grain of sediment that enters your shoe. No sandals or shoes that are open in the back. Baseball caps and/or sun glasses work well.

*** If the creek is too high, too murky, or running too fast, the creek cleanup will be called off by Friday noon. If you have given your email address, you will receive notice. We will try again on the 3rd Saturday of  May , May 18, 2013,  same time…same station.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for caring about the creek.

paul 737-2554

One of our important programs is cleaning the Creek. Various man-made objects have found their way into the creek: Monthly, in summer months, we sponsor half-day clean-ups to find and remove such objects. We give community volunteers a chance to do something for the Creek and the environment and have a fun wading time.

We typically meet on the third Saturday, at a spot convenient for parking on or near the Creek and clean about a mile. We’ve cleaned much of the lower reaches of the Creek – East Pennsboro Township, Camp Hill Borough, and Hampden and Silver Spring Townships. Often the municipalities lend their support in publicizing our activities and helping with trash disposal.

To find out more and sign up, contact leader Paul Garrett, 717 514-3546, or

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