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Carlisle Venture Crew 5 is planning to go to Maze Fun Park on Saturday, 9/29/12 after are York soccer game.  The park is less than a 30 min. (24 mi.) from York and 67 mi. from Carlisle.  We will leave straight from soccer to the Maze Fun Park.

We would like to share this experience with your families so that your youth 14 thru 20 yrs. of age can spend some time with the youth in Crew 5 and experience one of their newly planned trips for their “annual” year.  Everyone in your family is invited to go.

The expense will be $10.00  13+ 7 $8.00 for 2-12 yr. (or $8.25 13 yr. + and $7.00 2-12 yr. for a group of 20+)

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 20+ Fun Park attractions including Corn Maze with   Flashlight Nights and The Pumpkin Express wagon (in pumpkin season)
OPTIONAL: Gemstone Mining. Groups may add hayrides, geocaching, campfires,   private parties, and/or birthday package.
1. Indoor 3-D PlayMaze
2. Bamboo Forest
3. Boulder Dash
4. Corn Box
5. Fun Zone
6. Geo-Caching
7. Perilous Planks
8. Kid’s Castle
9. Cornfield Maze Adventure 10. Maze Mountain Tube Slide 11. Miner Max Gemstone Mining
12. Miner Max Lost Mine Maze
13. Mist Maze
14. Party Rooms
15. Pebble Pushers
16. Poppit’s Pedal Karts
17. Rope Maze
18. Stone Labyrinth
19. Strawbale Maze
20. Tile Maze
21. Turf Maze
22. Roller Racers
23. Tire Twister
24. Hop Dots

Tayleigh is going to work out the details.  Read the information below and let her know what you’re interested in so she can schedule the event.

We will provide you with more details next week. E-mail if you want more information and are interested in joining us.

2885 New Park Road New Park, PA 17352
(866) 935-6738

Scouts at Maize Quest and Maple Lawn Farms

Mazes are made for scouts. Need a place to practice navigation? Mazes. Need to build teamwork? Mazes. Need to practice leadership skills? Mazes.

Scouting is a great leadership development organization and our programs can help scout leaders accomplish their goals. Using our games, puzzles and mazes as tools to engage youth in problem-solving exercises.

Geocaching: A giant scavenger hunt that covers the whole farm. Scouts use GPS units to navigate to the game stations hidden in orchards and fields of Maple Lawn Farms.

Mazes: The Maize Quest Corn Maze is a great place for groups to start. Scouts in groups set by the leaders allow scouts to explore group decision-making options.

Encampment: We’ve hosted regional encampments from the YAAC-BSA. We have a nearly unlimited encampment area having hosted over 300 scouts and leaders. Call us for special terms and options for a special weekend of camping, exploring, mazes, and opportunities.

Over 20 attractions are open for our guests including our snack bar and picnic pavilion. Then cool down in the Mist Maze!

The Maize Quest Cornfield Maze takes center stage
with our 2012 Mayan Mystery Maze Adventure!


Maize Quest Fun   Park: The Perfect Group Outing!

Group rates are available for pre-scheduled groups of twenty or more.   Bring your scouting troop, school class, youth group, or corporate group to   the Maize Quest Fun Park! Our mazes – and many of our other park features –   makes great group outings. Groups are challenged to work together to solve a   puzzle and mystery that’s much bigger than any one person. Members interact,   make group decisions, succeed and fail together as they progress through the pathways.   Your adventure can be a competition or collaborative effort, but it will   always be exciting.

Maize Quest focuses on education through entertainment.   Inside our mazes groups are involved in three major types of learning   experiences: Teamwork, Navigation, and Agriculture.


Our mazes are an effective theater for teaching positive,   social interaction. Guests divide into groups of 4-6 plus one chaperone. Each   group is then responsible for determining the best method of solving the   mazes and completing the gamesheet. At each intersection and after each clue   is discovered, the group must reformulate their plan. Leaders must be   determined or alternated for each section and the group must function and   emerge from the maze together. The mazes immerse you in another world of   choices, options and decisions. Our mazes make teamwork and group dynamics a   hands-on task with tangible results.

The results and methods of solving each maze make lively debate topics for   the following group meeting. The results and their applications for everyday   activities can be used to impress the importance of group decision making,   equitable group communication, and equitable participation in other group   activities.

Discussing the feelings of each group member during the   process leads to another level of interpretation. Understanding the feelings   and reactions of other group members can be powerful. It provides a frame of   reference for each person to understand how his/her behavior affects the   behavior of other group members.


Map Reading is a useful skill for anyone. We challenge   guests to follow their instincts until they find each map piece. As they   collect pieces of the map and become more familiar with the maze pathways,   guests develop and hone their ‘sense’ of direction. By the end of the journey,   each guest should be able to orient the map and follow the pathway to the   exit.


We approach agricultural education with two goals in mind.   Goal #1 is to give guests an appreciation for the food system that feeds the   world. Goal #2 is to give guests an appreciation for the growing processes of   fruit and row crops. We are partnered with information providers such as   American Agri-Women, Ag Day, National Corn Growers Assoc., American Soybean   Assoc., USDA, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Pioneer Seed and Bayer   Corp to name a few. We have taken raw information form these sources and   created fun learning stations. As groups progress through the maze, they   discover food facts and information that helps them answer questions and   complete puzzles. Natural resource conservation, food production and farmland   preservation all start with the farmer. On the farm, walking through the   fields is the best place to teach the role the American Farmer plays in the   future of our country and the world.

Our goal is to make each trip a learning adventure for groups and an   enjoyable outing for leaders. The maze and the surrounding farmland immerse   groups in a world of exploration. We’d love to host your group adventure.

If you’d like more information click “Book Your Group Now” link   below, fill out the reservation form and mark “Request More Info.”   Even if you don’t have a date in mind yet, we’ll send you information about   how to make you next day trip a hands-on adventure.

Other Recommended   Educational Attractions for Groups:

  • Geo-Caching
  • Fruit Tour on the Farm        (Call for information)
  • Hayrides (Call for        information)

Tamela Trussell

Founder of TLC Foundation

Venture Crew 5 Advisor



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