Birding Hike at Colonel Denning St. Park

A bird walk on Elk Hill Rd. in Colonel Denning State Park. While walking the road, we will look for chipping sparrows, acadian flycatchers, cerulean warblers, worm-eating warblers, scarlet tanagers, red-eyed vireos, and other passerines (song birds). There may be a chance for red-tailed hawks or broad-wing hawks as well. We will examine different aspects of bird biology, such as habitat, migrations, song, and molt. Binoculars are highly recommended. Bring water, bug repellant, and sunscreen. The walk will last from roughly 6:30 AM to 12:00 PM. Participants should pack lunches.


e could either meet at a house and carpool, or we could all drive to the parking lot next to the dam on Doubling Gap Rd. If we meet at a house, the time would be 6:00 AM. If we meet at the park, 6:30 AM would work.


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